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Liam Lynch

My house was originally a 19th century farmers cottage that has been extended twice, most recently in the mid 1980s, which made it to a two story house. There are still two walls left of the original cottage. During the winter, if i ran the central heating for a few hours to warm up the house, when it gets switched off, the house would be cold again within an hour.

So through ECTC’s project I had the attic and walls insulated as well as a new high efficiency condensing boiler with smart heating controls installed. The difference was massive. The house retains the heat so much better now. I am using about 50% less Kerosene as the boiler doesn’t need to be run as long. The house is definitely much more comfortable as a result, with a BER Rating of B3.

Liam Lynch, Rearcross – Shallow Retrofit 2014

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