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EcoVision began life in 2014 as a local development initiative, as four communities came together to carry out energy efficiency works on older houses and community buildings, following a pilot project in Drombane Upperchurch in Tipperary in 2012/2013, leveraging grants from the SEAI under the Better Energy Communities scheme.

The organisation has grown over the years and now has community partners in Tipperary, Limerick and Clare and continues to grow. These Community Partners provide the majority of the voluntary Board of Directors.

EcoVision exists to bring benefit to our Community Partners. In turn the Community Partners benefit from the trusted expertise of EcoVision and play a major role in the governance of EcoVision.

The community partners may be based on a geographical location such as a community council or residents association or a club or group organised around a specific interest. The group needs to be democratic and bring energy saving or energy generation projects to the organisation.

A community group that wishes to become a Community Partner of EcoVision should be made up of volunteer members and have some form of constitution. It may also be a CLG or a Co-Op, once its governance is democratic.

Community Partners are required to bring potential projects, which are in keeping with the main works carried out by EcoVision, and its objective of making the Energy Transition benefit local communities. These projects could be any of the following:

  • Domestic retrofit works (either under a Better Energy Community project or One Stop Shop project).
  • Community/Commercial retrofit works (either under a Better Energy Community project or One Stop Shop project).
  • Community Energy Generation scheme.
  • Behavioural Change training.
  • Community Electric Vehicle scheme.
  • Any other energy saving or generation works that may arise in the future.


To begin the process of joining EcoVision as a community partner simply fill in the form below.

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